​Customers have been enjoying Jay's handmade sauces and meals for three years in Jay's local Coolangatta Cafe. 

Our Products

Include a selection of Sauces, Seasoning and Frozen Meals. See below for more information


We have both retail bottles and whole sale tubs. Each Tub contains 1.1 Litres of the good stuff- local and handmade sauce! We have a selection of 14 sauces as shown below for Wholesale purchase from $8.95. Each bottle contains 350ml at a RRP of $6.00 - our wholesale purchase is from $3.00 per bottle. 

$100 of FREE SAUCE when you display our products in your workplace!
(That's 12 litres of sauce... perfect for the Christmas season)   ​​

You Must Email: [email protected] with the Code: FREEBEE100

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Only Avaliable to selected retail shops. Conditions Apply.
​​Chilli Tomato Sauce: Made from ripened tomato, infused with Chili, lemon, cajun and herbs. Use as dipping sauce, on pasta, pizza or on meats. 

Chunky Tomato Sauce: a versatile sauce that has mutiple uses. Use as a pizza base or in your favourite pastry item, sausages, breads and meats. 

​Chilli Plum Sauce: Made from ripe plums, Jay adds secret specially designed spices to make this sauce taste savoury yet sweet. Use it on meats, chicken, pork, seafood, stirfry's or as a dipping sauce 

​Creamy Poppy Dressing: A creamy zesty dressing made with real poppy seeds with flavours of orange, mustard and lemon. Makes for a unique tasting dressing ideal for salads, sandwiches, pasta and potato salad, coleslaw and dipping sauce. 

Tandoori Sauce: Use this indian inspired sauce to flavour any meat, fish or vegetable. Using aromatic spices, this traditional heat style sauce will please the taste buds. 

Honey Mustard Dressing: Made with fresh Dijon mustard and fresh hived honey. Goes perfect with chicken, pork, use as a salad dressing or dipping sauce. 

Tartare Sauce: Made with gherkins, capers and lemons, marinating some ingredients adds a real depth of flavour to this sauce. 

Thousand Island Dressing: A creamy tomato seasoned sauce, use it for seafood, salads or sadwhiches. 

Smokey BBQ: A real smokey yet fruity flavour to enjoy on your favourite meal. This recepie has been in the hands of Jay's family for over 78 years, and now its here for your enjoyment. 

Chili Mango Sauce: This sauce has the perfect blend of sweet, savoury and heat. Made with real mangoes, perfect for all meats, salads and side dishes. 

Harissa Sauce: Inspired from African Spices this sauce has a deep chilli taste with a hint of orange. Perfect for basting meat, seafood, marinating or simply as a sauce. 

Morrocan Aioli: Made from tumeric and other earthed spices, with a hint of lime, ideal for salads, seafood, sandwiches or dipping. 

Sweet Chilli Mayo: This mayonnaise is a versatile additon to any kitchen. Use it on sandwiches, salads, seafood, meats or as a dipping sauce. 

Chilli Lime Dressing: A sweet tangy salad dressing, made with fresh chilli, use it in your favourite salad, to poach seafood, or to baste in. 

Your Favourites

Our best selling sauces include: Chunky Tomato Sauce, Chilli Tomato Sauce and Morrocan Aioli


Our handmade seasonings start from100g at $3.50 each which is avaliable as RRP$8.50 
- Jerk Seasoning
- Italian Seasoning 
- Chicken Salt 
- All Purpose Seasoning 
- Mexican Seasoning 


Each meal is made with fresh ingredients cooked and made by Jay himself in the Local Coolangatta Cafe. Each meal is from $6.00 RRP$9.90. We have a selection of meals listed below: 

Roast Beef Noodles: 

Pasta Bolognaise:

Spinach  & Pumpkin Pasta (Vegetarian): 

Chilli Plum Chicken:


Satay Chicken:

More Information 

For more information on wholesale products and prices please contact us by email on [email protected]  or try the sauces for yourself at our local Coolangatta Cafe.